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Good food, Good mood

All options are 100% veggie.

Collor, Flavor and Flower...

"Good food, for me, is the simple food, but food to print memory. 

Food with flavour, with color and texture". 

Patricia Storni - Dona Flor Bistrô

Dona Flor by Pat Storni

Hello! I am the person that one day, there, in 2015, walking around Cascais streets, decided to give form a old dream: to open a Coffee Shop/Bistrô. My name is Patrícia Storni, I´m a jornalist for graduate, I´ve been cooking for option and leonine per destiny. Married for 28 years, mother of three childrem, inquiet, curiouns, creative and stubborn. When I define an objetive, head dive. These five years, I cried, I had doubts, I had finished my days exausted. I made many times a lot of revenues, but nothing It was bigger than my satisfation to see the little seed to turn flower. 

 Patricia Storni

Collor, Flavor and Flower

100% veggie

In 2020 we completed 5 years! It has been a year with big challenges, but we decided to be optimistic. Our space was renoveted, the offer extended, and now, we are open for dinner too. How as usual , we are already to receive our costumers with lots of care and attention, with a way that only Dona Flor Bistrô has!  

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donaflorcascais@gmail.com - @donaflorcascais